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IMX Talks - "Transforming Models of Care" webinar

In August 2020, Infomedix hosted an online panel discussion regarding virtual care models in Australia. Following on from the success of that webinar, Infomedix have invited Dr Justin Bowra, Founder and Medical Director of My Emergency Doctor, to join as a panel member in their forthcoming follow up webinar about "Transforming Models of Care". 

On Wednesday 7 October, Infomedix will host Dr Erkan Hassan (based in Baltimore, Maryland) with discussion to focus on how health service providers in the US are well into their journey of virtual care and what it took to get there.

Dr Erkan Hassan is Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Sepsis Program Optimization, will focus on how health service providers in the US are well into their journey of virtual care and what it took to get there.

Dr Hassan’s unique perspective will be invaluable as he applies his clinical expertise toward the creation of innovative approaches in a healthcare setting. His mantra “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it” sits well with his management style which fosters a multidisciplinary approach to address the clinical, strategic, and technological challenges that have proven improved patient outcomes and increased revenue. 

Speaking as part of a wider panel, Dr Bowra will be commenting from the perspective of his experience founding My Emergency Doctor and now, leading the clinical aspects of our unique telemedicine service. 

Healthcare professionals delivering care and professionals tasked with healthcare governance and business continuity are invited to join. 

The variety of perspectives and backgrounds is what is going to make this discussion invaluable to all as MC Dr Tim Smyth will ensure all participants leave with new insights into models of care.

Key outcomes will be:

- What are the barriers to adopting virtual care?
- How can we make it a reality?
- How can we empower and drive transformative care models?


Dr Hassan and Dr Bowra will be also joined by:-

*Richard Taggart CIO of the Sydney Local Health District. He is leading the team behind RPA Virtual Hospital, where the coronavirus has fast-tracked the use of tech to ease burdens.

*Donna Parkes, Telehealth Manager, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation. Her hands-on experience in the development of service models will give us the guidance we need to progress.

*Dr Mukesh Haikerwal. GP, in Medical Republic, an advocate for accessible health and healthcare for all and his contribution to this discussion will be invaluable.


What: IMX Talks - Transforming Models of Care
When: Oct 7, 2020 10:00 AM (AEST)

Registrations are open for the webinar now. Book your place here.


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