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Fast, expert medical support for regional, rural and remote hospitals

My Emergency Doctor seeks to serve communities that face the challenges of remoteness, and who face shortages of senior clinical decision makers. We understand the unique demands of regional, rural and remote health care practitioners and administrators. 

All of our senior emergency specialist doctors (FRCEMs) can support hospital clinicians by working closely with them as medical emergency consultants. They are skilled to provide secondary support or supervision for nurses, clinical care coordinators and other doctors through rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients, prescribing medication, arranging referrals to specialists for non-urgent cases and creating event summaries post-consultation.

My Emergency Doctor supports regional, rural and remote hospitals in delivering better patient health outcomes through immediate connection and accurate patient management. We work to become a seamless part of your team.

As the most senior of emergency specialists, our consulting emergency physicians at My Emergency Doctor are trained to make important critical decisions. All hold a Fellowship with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and go through a rigorous selection and credentialing process.

Additionally, they provide consultations under a robust clinical governance framework, including monthly case study reviews and performance management.


"Being able to access specialists at My Emergency Doctor is the best thing that has happened to us. It helps us manage acute patients and ensure they receive effective, timely and safe care."

- Sharon Edmondson, Director of Nursing and Clinical Care, Corryong Health (VIC)

Why choose My Emergency Doctor?

  • Access to FRCEM-led care


    Our UK-qualified, highly skilled emergency doctors can assist regional workforce with senior medical supervision and second opinions whenever there are shortages of senior clinicians.

  • Medical assistance available 24/7/365


    We provide emergency medicine assistance no matter the day or the time via telemedicine. Your team can access consultations with our emergency doctors within minutes whenever needed.

  • Reduce staff stress and uncertainty

    Workforce wellbeing

    We are here to support your team. Our emergency doctors are available to quickly stand-in for doctors, bring roster security to your team, support nurses, and supervise junior staff with expert advice whenever we’re needed.

Do you have a shortage of senior medical officers?

Contact us to see how we can help with your organisation's workforce needs.

We work with you to create the perfect plan to support your healthcare institution. To find out more about product and pricing structures, please make an enquiry via our contact form and one of our team will come back to you immediately. 

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All of our services are available on-demand, always.

  • Staff supervision

    clinical decision-making

    We can support nurses, clinical care coordinators and doctors who need guidance, direction or instruction at any time. 

  • Stand-in support

    Roster security

    Our on-demand services can fill the gap when regional hospitals experience senior medical staff shortages or need specific support in emergency circumstances.

  • Shared decision-making

    Second opinion

    We work closely with teams to assist nurses, clinical care coordinators and doctors seeking secondary advice on how patients can be treated and managed.

  • Supporting the next steps for patients


    Our emergency physicians can issue referrals and organise appropriate transportation for patients in line with their specific diagnosis and treatment needs.

  • Prescriptions and consultation summaries


    Our emergency consultations provide prescriptions and detailed consultation summaries to support the next service or doctor that receives the patient.

  • Immediate assistance in peak periods

    Surge capacity

    Our on-demand emergency consultations can support regional hospitals when patient presentations suddenly peak, reducing wait times and improving patient experiences.

Are you from a regional hospital or health service?

Find out how My Emergency Doctor were able to assist Maryborough District Health Services in Victoria support their workforce and community.

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