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Fast, expert medical support for Ambulance services.

Our senior emergency specialist doctors (FRCEMs) can support ambulance phone operators and paramedics, working with your teams as medical emergency consultants. From rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients, prescribing medication, arranging referrals to specialists for non-urgent cases, to offering advice and support for on-field paramedics, our service can offer reassurance to patients and ambulance service teams alike.

As the most senior of emergency specialists, our consulting emergency physicians at My Emergency Doctor are trained to make important critical decisions - all hold a Fellowship of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and go through a rigorous selection and credentialing process.

Additionally, they provide consultations under a robust clinical governance framework, including monthly case study reviews and performance management.

Why choose My Emergency Doctor?

  • Fast access to expert emergency medical support


    We support ambulance phone operators and paramedics  with UK-qualified senior emergency specialist doctors who can assist in making critical decisions quickly.

  • On-demand medical assistance 24/7/365


    Our expert emergency doctors provide telephone or online video call medical assistance, no matter the day or the time. We are available to support your ambulance staff whenever they need, without any wait.

  • Trusted by Australian ambulance services since 2016


    My Emergency Doctor currently supports Australian ambulances, medical institutions, health services, businesses and individuals. We have been working with Ambulance Services since 2016 providing secondary triage support.

Ambulances can access our services on-demand, always.

  • Triage support for non-urgent patient cases


    We provide support for patient-focussed triages by managing non-urgent patient cases to reduce unnecessary ambulance callouts.

  • Staff supervision

    Supervision duties

    We can virtually supervise paramedics that need guidance, direction or instruction in emergency situations.

  • Stand-in support


    We can help ambulance staff manage patient cases to ease emergency room overload and avoid ambulance ramping.

  • Assisted decision making

    Second opinion

    We can assist paramedics and ambulance staff by providing expert secondary advice when there is uncertainty in patient diagnosis or emergency actions. 

  • Organising the next step for patients


    After managing non-urgent calls, our consulting emergency physicians can issue specialist referrals in line with patient diagnosis and needs. 

  • Prescriptions and consultation summaries


    We provide prescriptions and detailed summaries following our consultations so that a patient's needs and treatment is understood and implemented correctly.

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My Emergency Doctor pricing plans are tailored to meet your specific institutional needs and service requirements. We work with you to create the perfect plan to support your ambulance service. To find out more, please make an enquiry via our contact form.

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